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Statewide Supplier of Type II Lift Van Boxes


Alaska Packaging Lumber standard lift van is available either

  • Assembled or knock-down (KD),

  • Holds approximately 196 cubic feet (custom sizes available upon request).

  • Crates can be shipped door-to-door domestically or overseas.


Our Type II lift vans are

  • Modular and fit inside a standard 40’ and 20’ overseas shipping container.

  • Type II boxes can also be used for domestic shipping or as temporary storage containers.

  • Type II lift vans are SDDC-approved (#218 and #234) and

  • Constructed with heat-treated lumber and plywood to meet IPPC-ISPM 15 standards for international trade.


Standard size:

195 Cube - 45" x 84.75" x 87" (outside dimensions)

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